The Guitar Strangler Story – the introduction

Guitar Strangler began in the early 2000’s when The Guitar Strangler was a wandering minstrel. GS, although ready to rock at the drop of a hat, unfortunately, lacked the art of self-promotion. He was aware of its importance but he much rather preferred to play and keep moving. And with that, he left each town as quickly and quietly as he arrived. There were friendly encounters but no firm handshakes or future plans. GS just followed the road and whatever magic came out of his muse, it disappeared into the air. However admirable, this approach to his art was a disaster, A rudderless GS knew he was at the end of that particular road. Enter yours truly, Ricky Ricky. I came to stop The Guitar Strangler from wandering in circles.


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1. New Career
2. Mama, What’s That Stew You Cookin’?
3. Cry Babies Are Homely
4. You’re My Girl, Courtney Love
5. The Beast in Me
6. When a Rock Band Loses It’s Drummer
7. Baby Boom

All songs written by R. LiVolsi except for The Beast in Me, written by Nick Lowe.

A Mostly Mono Recording
Recorded sometime in 2005 on a Tascam MF-P01 Portastudio
Produced and Unmastered for RUFN Productions

Listen to tracks here.

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